Tired of WordPress Maintenance?

Complete WordPress Maintenance Services now available.
I have partnered with Senior Web Developer and WordPress Consultant Brian Murphy.
We will manage your website so you can take care of your business.
What is WordPress Maintenance Service? 

  • Your WordPress Website Professionally Maintained

  • We Watch your Site Security, 24/7

  • We Monitor the Uptime of your Site 24/7

  • We Routinely Update WordPress core & plugins

  • We set up Automatic Off-Site Backups


All for $97 a month. With no contracts.


Did you know that the #1 reason WordPress websites get hacked is because of
out-dated plugins?
If you don’t keep your website up to date it makes you Vulnerable to Attack.

Is your time worth more than $16 an hour?
If you’re spending at least 6 hours a month maintaining and updating your WordPress website yourself, then you’re getting paid $16 an hour.
That’s what $97 comes to at 6 hours.

Tired of WordPress Maintenance?What if you run into a problem on your website?
Yeah, like that never happens.

6 hours can easily turn into 8 or 10 hours, or even more.

You could end up earning below minimum wage.
I know your time is worth more than that!

Would you rather focus on maintaining your website or spend time on your business?

Do you even like managing your own website?

We are WordPress consultants and developers.
Technical website stuff is what we do.
For $97 a month we will take care of your website for you.

Your website is regularly backed up “off-site”, 
separate and secure from the WordPress location.

Security Features are the best deterrent to hack attacks.
We add and configure them.

Other Features Include:

  • Monitor the site for 404 Page Not Found Errors

  • Watch Security Alerts for Possible Intrusions

  • Timely Notifications if your Site Goes Down (Uptime Monitoring)

  • Regular Monthly Status Reports sent

If your site ever gets hacked, we will clean it up within 12 hours.

Our clients know the value of time.
They also know that they cannot be technically proficient in everything.
They choose to focus on what they’re good at, and they let us focus on what we’re good at.
WordPress stuff is what we do.

Are you ready to get back to what you do best and leave the tech stuff to us?
Just click the link below and head over to OnSiteWP.